About JWI

Founded on June 19, 1958 by John & Lois Gracyalny, “Johnny’s Welding & Blacksmith Shop” specialized in farm equipment repair. As John diversified in his products, he later shortened the name to “Johnny’s Welding” and was known as a custom metal fabricator. In 1972, Johnny’s Welding became a corporation; and in 1988, a new name was adapted to reflect the growth and maturity of the company as a modern corporation and one with a diversity of product lines and customers that developed through the years.

JW Industries, Inc. is currently under the leadership of Jeff Gracyalny (President/CEO) and Kathy Gracyalny (CFO/Controller). JWI is still a family-owned and operated company with a quality staff and employees, which are the key to our success.

JWI specializes in the design and manufacture of spectator seating systems, press boxes and athletic field equipment – as well as custom metal fabrications. Our references extend throughout the country with particular focus across the Upper Midwest. JWI is proud to supply 100% USA-Made products from our factory in Green Bay, WI.